Expert Witness . Consulting . Advisory Services

Expert Witness  .  Consulting  .  Advisory Services

 Expert Witness, Consulting, and Advisory Services for §419A(f)(6) and §419(e) Welfare Benefit Plan Matters and VEBA Plan Matters address technical and complex issues involving: 
  • §419(e) and §419A(f)(6) Welfare Benefit Plans 
  • VEBA Plans
  • Insurance Policies Held by the Plan
  • Tax Issues:  IRS and State Taxing Authority Audits; Tax Return and Tax Form Filings; Reportable Transactions; Listed Transactions; §6707A Penalties; Excise Tax
  • Statute of Limitations:  IRS Audit, State Taxing Authority Audit, and Tax Collection Issues
  • Regulations and Compliance:  Internal Revenue Code, State Revenue Code, ERISA
  • Suitability, Non-Discrimination Rules, Fiduciary Duties
  • Plan Administration
  • Plan Contributions, Distributions, and Termination
  • Liability Analysis
  • Damage Analysis and Calculations

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